Are your virtual instructor-led trainings world class?

Learning leaders need to trust that virtual instructors can make learning transfer happen in the virtual classroom. This can only happen if virtual instructors demonstrate the specific virtual skills and behaviors and instructional designers craft a workshop that is designed to take advantage of the virtual room.

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[All lessons, activities and coaching: 7 hours]

In addition to foundational skills and behaviors learned in the Communicator level, the Influencer level provides the attendee an opportunity to work with their own content, develop a presentation using the evoke virtual Core4™ template, and receive expert coaching. Attendees will receive feedback and coaching from evoke coaches tailored specifically for them. Completing the Communicator level is a requirement to engage in the Influencer lessons.


[On Demand with Synchronous Coaching - 9hours]

Learn the skills for success with virtual instructor-led training. Virtual Instructor Edition, provides face-to-face instructors with the skills needed to meet the challenges of learning transfer in the virtual world. During this program, you will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback from a master instructor on the skills and behaviors required to thrive in the virtual classroom.


The Virtual Confidence program is designed to provide an introduction to best practices for virtual delivery

Helping Experts & Leaders Share Knowledge in the Virtual Room. Subject matter experts and leaders are frequently asked to share their knowledge or to assist delivering virtual workshops. In an evoke virtual survey, 76% of presenters in the virtual room said they had difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. Engaging in the virtual room is very different from face-to-face. Without a set of best practices, the risk is clear — lack of engagement, leads to lack of adoption. You need to help your experts be successful in the virtual environment.


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