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Getting Results in Virtual Meetings Influential Virtual Leader Series

We are in meetings all the time! As we spend more and more of our time in virtual meetings, the skills we use to make meetings effective don’t always work. We need new approaches to achieve the same results.

In this session, we will tackle the three things leaders do that make virtual meetings less effective therefore, less valuable.

Meetings are less valuable when leaders:

  • Allow their virtual audience to consistently multi-task

  • Let the audience hide and not participate

  • Drone on and on or let several audience members do the same


Virtual Presentation Strategies for Subject Matter Experts

76% of virtual presenters told us that they have difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. It is both the subtle and the not so subtle things that make a virtual presenter successful.

While there are many specific behaviors and activities that virtual presenters must demonstrate to create worthwhile engagement for attendees, we’ve chosen three as critical for SMEs.

1. Creating rock solid virtual connections 
2. Compelling your audience to listen
3. Making the virtual environment work for you

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Handling Difficult Conversations on Virtual Teams 

Influential Virtual Leader Series

Having conversations about performance or conflict resolution have always been a bit tricky. Now with 80% of workers on some type of virtual team, in many cases, having these conversations in-person are just not possible. How can you successfully navigate these situations in the virtual workplace? In this webinar, we will discuss what makes virtual conversations even more difficult and what are some leadership behaviors you can employ to increase your success.

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