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Laura Pierce

Instructional Guru

As a senior training consultant to evoke virtual , Laura collaborates with the consulting practice, program development and instructional design functions within the organization. With over 20 years experience in marketing and sales, she has leveraged her industry experience to help clients meet the demands of communicating in both the face-to-face and virtual environments. She has worked extensively in both the scientific equipment, medical device, and high tech industries in both sales and marketing. Laura also brings extensive experience with both managing and training global teams.

Laura is an accomplished facilitator and course developer proficient at creating and delivering virtual training using telepresence, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Blackboard, and a number of other virtual collaboration platforms. One of Laura’s areas of focus is repurposing face-to-face training for the virtual environment and developing sales enablement and new hire courses. She founded Pierce McKenzie Associates Inc. to help clients build training programs that develop the critical skills and capabilities in their staff to meet their organizational goals.

Laura holds an M.S. from Oregon State University. She has also completed professional development programs at UCLA Anderson School of Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business in Strategic Marketing Management.