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    Your department's performance is on the line

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    Your designs need to be tailored for virtual

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    You've got to get with the (virtual) program

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    You have the weight of the global workforce on your shoulders

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    Your workforce moves up, down, and around constantly
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WHAT WE DO: At evoke, we help clients transition to the virtual world. Organizations need to engage employees globally, realize cost savings and efficiencies in training, and communicate information to large numbers of people. We support these goals by helping clients transition to the virtual learning environment, improve virtual communication skills, and strengthen connections between remote teams. We make virtual work.

talent management

You need to develop a well trained, high-performing employee talent pool. Virtual training is the most cost-efficient and effective way to deliver training to global teams. Your learning delivery team must excel at deploying virtual training.

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learning leaders

You have to develop a strategy for delivering training that transcends cultural, time, and geographic differences. Virtual training is a key. Leveraging local staff in-country is crucial to your plan. You need a global practice for virtual training.

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training managers

Whether you are building sales, operations, or other business capabilities; you know training is one of the most effective tools you have to motivate, educate, and engage your team. Now you need to deliver it virtually.

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Much of your experience as an instructional designer in the “real” world is transferable to a virtual one; but technology requires that you rethink the fundamental principles and practices that you’ve learned. It’s time to retool your design kit for virtual.

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You are an engaging and effective instructor face-to-face. How do you prompt participation, keep learners engaged, and ensure knowledge transfer when you are in the virtual classroom? You need to transition your skills to virtual now.

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Virtual Presentations

workshop presentationHow do you say what you mean in a way that influences? It’s a careful balance between your message, delivery, and authenticity. You need to make it work whether virtually or in person. learn more

Virtual Training

workshop trainingAre your virtual workshops world class? For learning to happen in the virtual classroom, instructors must demonstrate specific virtual skills and behaviors to maximize engagement in the classroom. learn more

Virtual Team Management

workshop teamIs your virtual team thriving? What does it take to work with a global workforce? Discover how to effectively collaborate and communicate with dispersed teams. learn more

Blog Insights

  • Virtual Openings Need to be Even More Compelling +

    W22 Virtual Openings Need to be Even More Compelling“Hello my name is ... and welcome to the Advanced Sales Techniques Workshop. Let’s take a look at what our objectives are today.” How many times have you heard this opening? While this one way to open a workshop, it’s not a compelling way to capture your audience.

    How many times have you turned to the slide or flip chart titled “Program Objectives” and used it as a sole means of telling participants what today will bring? I don’t know about yours, but the program objective slides that I have seen don’t offer a compelling reason for the participants to engage. Participants engage for their own reasons, not ours. We have to get inside their brains and see what the content means to them. Why do they care or not care? How can we peak their interest? This is where the old “WIIFM” (or what’s in it for me) is extremely relevant.

    Let’s take a look at a different opening. This opening has the ability to create more interest for the same Advanced Sales Techniques Workshop.

    “Last year the market was such that you could sit in your office, answer the phone and make money. That’s a strategy. Given the drastic shift in the market, can you use that same strategy this year and expect the same results (asked as rhetorical)? Clearly the answer is no! Today we are going to take a look at varying strategies that you can use to be successful in both up and down markets. By the end of the day ....”


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  • Are You Playing Hide and Seek With Your Audience? +

    Hide and SeekMost of us agree that we live in an attention deficit world and it’s not surprising we feel that way. Imagine yourself walking into a room about to share a plan that will put potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pockets of a sales team. This hot new business area is key to both the attendee’s commission check and your company’s success. You look out at the audience and as people come into the room, they sit down, open their laptops and put mobile phones next to them. As you start talking about this amazing new opportunity, you get about three minutes of undivided attention and then, boom, eyeballs back to email and messaging. If this was a virtual meeting, you might as well be talking to yourself.

    You have to stop letting people hide out in your meetings and classrooms. What can you do? Start by using these best practices from the virtual meeting room.

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