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WHAT WE DO: Our clients want three things – engaged employees, scalable training solutions, and the ability to communicate key messages globally. At evoke virtual, we help clients transition their staff, management team, and learning and development into the virtual world. We make virtual work™

talent management

Your global learning delivery team must excel at deploying virtual training.

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learning leaders

You need a global practice for virtual training that transcends cultural, time, and geographic differences.

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team management

You need to foster collaboration in your virtual team. That means bridging the "virtual distance."

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The virtual classroom means rethinking your approach. It’s time to retool your design kit for virtual.

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Getting virtual participants engaged is more difficult in the virtual classroom. You need to transition your skills to virtual now.

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Virtual Presentations

workshop presentationWe are in virtual meetings, sales presentations, and team meetings everyday. You need outstanding virtual presentation skills to meet your goals.

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Virtual Training

workshop trainingTo be successful with instructor-led virtual training, your instructors and instructional designers need the right skill set for virtual training. Are you ready?

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Virtual Team Management

workshop teamManaging a virtual team successfully requires you to bridge the "virtual distance." Are your managers meeting the needs of their virtual teams?

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Blog Insights

  • You Are Only As Good As Your Communication on a Virtual Team +

    B2 You Are Only as Good as Your Communication on a Virtual TeamI don't think that this comes as a surprise that success on a virtual team is all about communication. We all know that good leaders need to be able to engage and motivate their teams to attain a shared corporate goal. A 2015 study found that one of the top three development priorities for leaders is the ability to connect and clearly provide direction during informal feedback and coaching sessions. The challenge is, according to research from Development Dimensions International (DDI), that leaders frequently do the opposite in their interactions with their teams. They often fail to provide clear direction or feedback and this results in lackluster productivity on a team. This inability to drive the vision through their organization reduces the leader’s influence in the broader organization and with their employees and peers.

    Let's be honest. Many of you were chosen to lead because you excelled in your role and the logical next step was to lead a group. What I've witnessed in many companies is that the new role doesn't come with the requisite "people skills" training needed to be successful. As a result, many new leaders flounder as they try to apply their old skill set to their new environment. In Marshall Goldsmith's book, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, he discusses the high failure rate of leaders who don't evolve because of the "Success Delusion". He says we overestimate our contribution, have an elevated opinion of our professional skills and conveniently ignore setbacks that we have created.

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  • Are You Two-Dimensional to Your Virtual Team? Tips to Become Three-Dimensional +

    B3 Are You Two DimensionalAre you or your team two-dimensional to each other? Do you know anything about each other? Are you familiar with who they really are or what they care about? Would you be surprised to know what their passion is or the challenges that they face personally and professionally? The challenge for many of us, whether we lead or work on a virtual team, is that we are faceless paper cutouts to each other. We are two-dimensional people in a three-dimensional world.

    On a co-located team, the water cooler area and the hallway are where we learn about our team informally. In the virtual world, this is much harder to do. At evoke virtual, our passion is focused on helping our clients shrink the distance in virtual learning and in virtual team management. We do this by emphasizing the social connection in all aspects of virtual learning and leadership. This social connection is the fabric that binds us and sets us up for collaborative and trustful relationships.

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