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WHAT WE DO: Our clients want three things – engaged employees, scalable training solutions, and the ability to communicate key messages globally. At evoke virtual, we help clients transition their staff, management team, and learning and development into the virtual world. We make virtual work™

talent management

You need to develop a high-performing global talent pool. To meet that need, your learning delivery team must excel at deploying virtual training.

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learning leaders

You're virtual training strategy needs to transcends cultural, time, and geographic differences. You need a global practice for virtual training.

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team management

What does it take to foster a collaborative environment for your virtual team? You have to bridge the "virtual distance."

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Instructional design skills in the “real” world transfer to the virtual one; but the virtual classroom means rethinking your approach. It’s time to retool your design kit for virtual.

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You excel as an instructor “in person." Getting participation and learners engaged is more difficult in the virtual classroom. You need to transition your skills to virtual now.

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Virtual Presentations

workshop presentationWe are in virtual meetings, sales presentations, and team meetings everyday. You need outstanding virtual presentation skills to meet your goals.

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Virtual Training

workshop trainingTo be successful with instructor-led virtual training, your instructors and instructional designers need the right skill set for virtual training. Are you ready?

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Virtual Team Management

workshop teamManaging a virtual team successfully requires you to bridge the "virtual distance." Are your managers meeting the needs of their virtual teams?

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Blog Insights

  • What Does Your Personal Brand Say To Your Virtual Team? +

    what is virtualLet's play word association: Ritz-Carlton, Motel 6; ; Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse; Hertz Rent-A-Car, Rent-a-Wreck. When you read each of these company names, you conjured up a picture or a feeling. Nothing is wrong with any of these brands. However, when we hear the name, we have a certain expectation of each - right or wrong, intended or unintended. This is branding.

    If you lead or work on a virtual team, you have a brand, whether you are aware of it or not. Your brand is what your teammates think of you and what your boss thinks of you. Especially on a virtual team, your brand is critical because you may have fewer opportunities to change it. On a virtual team, every interaction creates your “virtual” brand … email, phone conversations web calls and voice mail.

    Branding experts say that a brand is a "unique promise of value".  A common example is Volvo. When I ask an audience what comes to mind when I say VOLVO, one of the first words spoken is safety. I'm sure that you would agree with this and this is Volvo's carefully crafted brand.

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  • Technology Belongs in the Backseat in the Virtual Classroom +

    W33Recently, we were finishing up feedback on a virtual course a client asked us to review and potentially redesign. As each person gave their feedback, some trends appeared. “It took us a long time to get to content.” “The introduction seemed a little flat.” “Why did we spend so much time on all the tools in the virtual environment? We didn’t even use all of them in the session!” We weren’t surprised. We knew what the problem was.

    In most virtual instructor-led courses-led courses I review, there is too much time spent at the beginning of the course trying to orient participants to the virtual classroom. This typically happens when virtual training is new to the organization. In an effort to be thorough and make sure the virtual environment doesn’t interfere with the participant’s ability to complete activities, we unintentionally cause two problems:

    • Make the virtual environment seem so different and potentially complicated when compared to the “in person” experience that participants get overwhelmed.
    • Disengage the participants by focusing on the technical process and not the reason why the training and content is important for them.

    We need to engage participants immediately with the content and stop focusing so much on the delivery technology. The following tips can help you avoid this trap.


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